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NBA Star’s Sole Custody Battle

to all the single dads

Paul George, an NBA star, is in a custody battle with his child’s mother, Daniela Rajic. Daniela and Paul had intercourse on several occasions since 2012 as she worked as a stripper. Daniela is seeking full custody claiming that Paul is unable to care for the child due to his commitment to his profession and the lifestyle that he lives. 

The baby, Olivia George, was born on May 1, 2014 in a New York City hospital. No father was listed on the birth certificate. Paul has not met the baby girl as of yet. Daniela lives in Queens and Paul resides is in Indianapolis. She is asking for an undisclosed amount of support as well as a paternity test through the court. She has previously had a paternity test that verifies Paul as the father but would like a legalized test.

Paul has stated that once paternity is substantiated through the court, he intends to take full responsibility for his daughter. He has already verbally acknowledged paternity on several occasions.

A rep for George said, “This is a routine paternity case, but perhaps someone finds it unusual that a high profile athlete is willing to accept responsibility and provide emotional and financial support for a child once it is legally determined to be his.”

Hopefully, if Paul is the biological father, he will be able to obtain parental rights and develop a loving and healthy relationship with his daughter.


Paul George’s baby mama suing for sole custody